Friday, February 19, 2010

Grass Buddy Tutorial

This is the easiest fun craft to do with your kids. 
These "GRASS BUDDY'S" are not only easy, 
but they are so quick to grow. My kids found these fun projects at our local Home & Garden show. One of many things they had to offer for kids to have fun while Mom & Dad shopped around. LOL

Heres what you will need....
  • lady's nylon knee highs
  • soil (I would get some that has extra nutrients in it)
  • grass seed (you can also use herbs)
  • some silly eyes with a sticky back
  • a small pot for support
How to make them...
  • First take the nylon and place it inside the small pot, folding it over the outside of the pot to hold in place.
  • fill the bottom with about 2 tablespoons of grass or herb seeds
  • top off with soil (press firmly and pack the soil tight)
  • tie a knot in the nylon to keep shut
  • turn over your Grass Buddy and place silly eyes is desired position
  • soak your creation in water until completely wet through and through
  • place on a saucer and watch it grow (once it begins to sprout, in about a week, trim the nylon on just the top, allowing the grass to grow freely
  • trim and care for your Grass Buddy ~ Don't forget to name him. LOL
I suggest....
  • once your grass buddy is growing hair, have fun shaping it in different styles. Like a mow hawk for bows or adding a bow for girls.
  • use puff paint to paint on clothing for your lil grass buddy
  • add doll clothes and shoes. How cute would that be.
  • get fun stickers for the face, ears, clothes


  1. My boys made these last year at a family farm day! They were really cute!

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