Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boom Blox Bash Party Review

Get ready for even more blox-busting action with BOOM BLOX™ Bash Party for Wii™, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed BOOM BLOX™ game for Wii. Developed by EA in collaboration with director and producer Steven Spielberg, BOOM BLOX Bash Party takes destruction to new heights, providing the ultimate social gaming experience! BOOM BLOX Bash Party will get your party started with new Versus, Co-Op and Team Play challenges - twice as many multiplayer challenges as the original BOOM BLOX.

 A few weeks ago I received Boom Blox Bash Party for my Wii from EA games. The kids have had a lot of fun playing this game. In fact my daughter says it's more than Fun, it's AWESOME! The kids have fun exploding blox and get jewels as a reward. The more jewels the more points you get. Very cool! The graphics are really neat too! This interactive game for the Nintendo Wii game system is exciting and fun for all ages. Even my husband and I have had fun playing this together after the kids go to bed. LOL 

Things that I love...
  • Boom Blox Bash Party is an awesome game to play! (My kids words exactly!)
  • You get to pick your own character when playing this game.
  • You even get to create your own fort to destroy!
  • Fun for the whole family! We even had Nana and Papa playing along.
  • There are many games and levels to choose from.

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  3. I would play the game and never leave the couch! Sounds like fun!


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