Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scream Pillow - A Tutorial

I was talking with a friend about our daughters getting older. The subject of emotions came up and how they can get overly emotional at times. My friend suggested that I make a "Scream Pillow". She had made one for her daughter when she was becoming a lil lady. ;-) She would tell her daughter to go scream it out in her pillow. My daughter isn't quite ready to scream mad into her pillow just yet, she is just a crier. :-( She gets sad quickly when she doesn't like what she hears or realizes she might be in trouble for doing something. LOL Hormones! uuuggghh. Being a girl growing up can be so frustrating. So I finished and wanted to share it with you.
First I wanted to share that I used the printer method for my print.

You want to pick up some Bubble Jet Set 2000 and treat your fabric before you print on it. Follow the directions on the bottle...but just so you know...You will soak your fabric in the Bubble Jet Set 2000. Set aside and let it dry. Next get out your freezer paper and iron your dried fabric on. Cut to fit your printer. TIP...the freezer paper helps keep the fabric in place while printing. Otherwise it would not work at all!
Next I designed my print in photoshop and simply printed it out on my freezer paper fabric! ;-)
Now it's time to make it into a pillow. ;-)
You will need...
Your 8x10 Print
2 - Strips of fabric for the top and bottom (3x16 each)
2 - Strips for the side (3x8 each)
For the back - 12 1/4 x 15 1/2

These are the sizes I used for mine, you can of course make a smaller one. And before you get started, remember to remove the freezer paper. You only needed that to help move the fabric through the printer.

Sew on the sides first and iron flat.
Next sew on the top and bottom strips. Again, iron flat.
Place this on the back fabric. Right sides in.
Pin together. Leave an opening at the bottom for stuffing. Cut a slit on either side of your opening.
Sew all around leaving the opening. Turn right side out and iron flat.
All that's left to do is stuff it and stitch together the bottom. I love how it turned out. My daughter came home and saw it and ran over for a big kiss and a thank you! ;-) Yeah! She loved it! And I think it looks pretty darn cute on her bed too!
BTW...that was my dolly when I was a girl. She sat on my bed for many years. Now she gets passed around different parts of the house. I love her!
Tip..when washing. Wash on the hand wash or delicate cycle. Air dry!

If you are interested in making one of these, below is the print I used. Feel free to save it for personal use only. Thanks!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Tell me what you think below!
I love all your comments.


  1. Cute! I could use one of these for myself!

  2. Love it! My daughter is in serious need of one! :)

  3. I like it...not only could I use one, but I'm thinking I can't be the only parent with a BOY who could make use of this ;-)

  4. thanks for linking my book pg wreath for me! HA


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