Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gifts for the postman or other workers

For my gift for the post man or other workers I was really thinking about Christmas time...and hopefully some cooler weather. (I actually made these as Valentine's gifts, thus the hearts but I think it would be easy to adapt for Christmas...and maybe the hearts would be applicable for some people.)

These will be great to stick in the mailbox with a little note thanking your postal worker for their faithful service. These little coffee mugs can be filled with lots of different goodies...hot chocolate packets, tea, mini candy bars...you name it, the skies the limit.

These are pretty easy to make and I don't have a step by step tutorial but if you need some more help with figuring out how to make these let me know.

Start with two pieces of felt and your favorite coffee mug.
Lay your coffee mug on the felt and losely trace it (it doesn't need to be perfect it just gives you an idea of what size to make it)

Cut out your embelishments:
Christmas trees, ornaments, holly, whatever suits your fancy.
Sew the embelishments on to the top piece of the coffee mug with different colored thread
or the same color, use your creativity!
I also sewed a little brown oval near the top to make it look like the mug is
already filled with some hot chocolate (you could skip that if you want).

Then use your sewing machine (or sew by hand) and sew around the outside of the mug.
Make sure to not sew the top shut. I also sewed right up both sides and didn't worry about leaving the handle open (but make sure to sew the two pieces of the handle together).

 I will have some of these in my etsy store too!!!
Let me know if you have any questions about how to make these!


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