Saturday, September 11, 2010

♥ Shutter Love Winners ♥

We had a fun theme this week "BLOOPERS/OUTTAKES"
All your entries were so cute. Thanks for making this week great!

Our #1 pick goes to....
Pieces of Me

#2 - Happy Gnome

#3 - Why I Otta

#4 - Whoops Caught in a Water Fight

#5 - Random Pockets of Chaos

#6 - Funny Jazzy Girl

#7 - Photographic Data

#8 - 4 Kids = No good PICS

#9 - KDIM Photo

#10 - Bethany Sherrard Photography

We had a tie for Favorite photo this week between Leaving the Blanket, The Great Umbrella Heist and No Pictures Please! We did a random draw out of a hat to choose the winner.
And the winner is.... No Pictures Please! Congrats!!!

Some of Tara & Jamie's Favorites that didn't make this weeks top 10 are...

Thanks again to everyone who entered their photos this week!

Pleas come Back 1 week from Tuesday (9/21) for our "CAKES" Theme

This TUESDAY there will be NO Shutter Love Link Party because we are hosting...

Remember to share this {Party} with friends so more can join in.
If you are a winner, go pick up your 
{Prize Button}

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  1. Thanks for selecting me!! Got your button on my page!

  2. Thank you so much!! I thought this weeks challenge was awesome. So fun to see the bloopers be showcased.

  3. thanks for loving my baby's tutu-ed butt ;) such a fun theme!


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