Monday, September 20, 2010

This weeks theme is "CAKES"
All cakes apply. Cupcakes too! And these do not have to be cakes that you made. Just share your best cake photos. Have fun!!!

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AND don't forget to vote for your favorite photo too! No Anonymous Voting!
Tara & Jamie will be picking the Top Ten as well as some of our FAVORITES too!
Have Fun!
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Tara's "CAKES" Photo
I took this photo at my sons 10th birthday. It's hard to believe it's almost his 11th. How time flies. We had his party at a jump house place. It was a huge hit and they of course want to go back this year. As you can see this cake was basketball themed and no I did not make this. Wonderful Raley's pulled this together for me. This year I think I will tackle a cake for him. Going for a military theme. We are going to set up obstacle courses outside. It will be awesome. If you have any ideas for obstacles, please send them my way!

Jamie's "CAKES" Photo
I know this technically is not a photo of cake,
but this kid is too cute to pass up.
If you'd like to see the cake before he devoured it you can
see it here.

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Make sure you vote for your favorite photo in the comment section!


  1. I love this one!! i have entered hopefully i did it properly =)


  2. Hi just calling by Via Tuesday Blog hops. Already following but great to catch up and see what's happening. I have now contributed to this blog hop as well. Hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

  3. I vote for the Owl Cake! Love it!

  4. I like Under the Sea :o)

  5. I love the entry from Pieces of Me, so sweet!

  6. What a great theme! It's making me want to go bake some more!

  7. Sorry so late...and my 2-year old would kick my butt if he knew! What a fun challenge.

  8. My vote is for 525,600 minutes

  9. Love Mars Pics - that cake is incredible! (This was a hard challenge, vote for the photographic element, or vote for the tastiest-looking subject?)

  10. I'm sure I'm too late to vote but since the winners aren't posted as of yet, I'm going to vote for either The Paper Mama or Ramblings or Photos. I think in a photo contest you should vote for both the best looking content and the best looking photograph. These two ladies achieved both!


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