Saturday, February 22, 2014

Number 3 shaped cake tutorial

I've decided that it'll be fun to always make a cake for Hannah shaped in the number of years she is turning. I made her a two last year and I hope to continue the tradition for a while. So, this past October little Hannah turned three! Crazy. How can she be three already? Anyway, I wanted to make her a three cake so I looked on pinterest and came up with a design to make a number 3 shaped cake. I asked Hananh what she wanted on her cake and she told me "blue flowers". I asked her again a week later and she said "blue flowers" so I guess since she didn't change her mind that's what she really wanted. I'm not big into having fake food coloring in my cake decorations but since it was her one request and since it would be a small part of the cake I figured it would be okay. Plus it's hard to find natural things to turn fondant blue (I even asked a pastry chef). But Hannah loved her cake so all the work was worth it. I really do love making cakes for my littles!

 I'll just let you browse through the photos rather than trying to explain every little cut. Sometimes photos really do speak louder than words! Start with two bundt or jello molds! You want doughnut shapes! This cake is pretty simple and only requires you to cut two pieces from each circle.

 This was my first time making fondant and it actually was fairly easy to do and turned out pretty good. I just did melted marshmallows and powdered sugar. I didn't really plan on eating it (or having others eat it) so I wasn't too worried about the flavor but they were okay to eat as well as pretty. It's kind of a pain to get the marshmallows to mix with the powdered sugar at first but eventually it's like working with a regular dough.
 I bought the little flower cutters at Hobby Lobby and I love the different shapes and colors of the flowers! It was a good choice because hand cutting flowers wouldn't have been so pretty.
 So, I crumb coated my cake...
 Then added a final coat of frosting.
 Here's my tip...If you are writing something on your cake use a dowel or tooth pick to write it out first!! Then if you mess up you can just smooth out the frosting and try again before you add your colored frosting to the cake!!!
 I love how it turned out and can't wait to see what Hannah will want on her "4" cake!!

 Oh and put the leftover cake to good use...make cake balls and just mix the cake with some leftover frosting then dip them in melted chocolate after they're frozen!


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  2. This cake looks awesome! If I tried anything like that, it would end up looking like a big pile of mush.


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