Friday, June 4, 2010

♥ Shutter Love Top Ten Photos ♥

This weeks Top 10 "PETS" Photos are...

Our #1 Choice goes to "Orange Julius" from Creativity Unleashed
Just look at that sweet lil face! Love the focus and props used in this photo as well!

#2 "CAMI" from Hopper Scott Photography

#3 "TIMBER" from The Photographed Past

#4 "ZELDA" from Wrapped Up

#5 "SCOUT" from Twice As Many Moments

#6 "KITTY PAW" from Ramblings & Photos

#7 "MEET OSCAR" from Vintage Remixed

#8 "LITTLE DOGS HAVE BIG DREAMS" from Little Apartment on the Prairie

#9 "MOOSE" from Live Every Moment

#10 "ACHILLES" from Anonymous (Cute Pup)

Our Viewers Choice this week is....
"TIMBER" from The Photographed Past
See #3 Photo Above
We did have a tie with "Are you looking at me" but I have to follow the rules. No anonymous voting. Sorry and Thanks for understanding!

Thank you to everyone who entered their photo. 
Please come back Tuesday for the theme "STUFFED ANIMALS"
Remember to share with friends by copy and pasting the blog hop code this Tuesday! 
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  1. Absolutely adorable pictures. I love the shitzu

  2. Oh thank you for letting my have my little pip-squeak featured with all the rest. So much fun, I'll go and tell him now, he understands english you know (;

  3. all of the photos are very good. rose

  4. What a bunch of beauties!

  5. These pics are gorgeous! ;)

  6. I just love animal pictures.
    I really couldn't pick a favorite.

  7. Oh thank you so much for choosing my photo of Julius as your top pick!!! He was a dirty little neglected stray with a bad eye when he turned up on our porch (and when the picture was taken) and now he is a loved and loving member of our family. Thanks again!

  8. I just now saw this. Thanks so much for choosing Oscar's photo. To have been a stray he sure is a sweet, loving cat now.


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