Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Shirts

I seem to have this unspoken tradition
of making shirts for my kids to wear on Father's Day.
(but now it seems to be a spoken tradition)
I made the first ones three Father's Days ago,
when freezer paper stenciling was pretty new.

I stamped the kids hands (Naomi) and feet (Micah)
on paper and then used that as my stencil.
Then painted their hands and feet on their shirts.
On Micah's with the feet I also put the words,
"following in daddy's footsteps"
(I used an printable iron-on paper)

And Naomi's shirt said,
"my dad is a perfect ten"
Man, they were so little.
You can see a few more photos from
that particular Father's Day here.

Then last year I did another freezer paper stencil shirt.
I cut out words and a guitar, and stenciled them to the front
and did a little reverse stencil on the back.
The shirts say,
"my dad rocks"
The kids still wear their shirts and I can't wait for
the next baby to wear it someday too.
If you want to see some photos
of my kids with daddy on Father's Day
last year go here.
I was struggling to figure out what to do
for the kids shirts for this year.
Then I saw something that triggered a thought process,
and out came these really fun shirts
(that aren't done yet but will be by Sunday).
"My dad is the BOMB!" shirts!
Yes, I used the freezer paper method once again,
and the quote bubble is extra t-shirt fabric from a different project.
I also used sharpie markers and hope they don't ruin
the shirts in the wash.
Kinda funny that all the shirts seem to be
red-white-and blue too!
Guess they're ready for the 4th of July!!
I can't wait for my kiddos to surprise daddy
at church on Sunday with their cool shirts.
Yes, it's the ONLY day of the year that
I let them wear t-shirts to church!
Gotta have a little fun right?!!

Now I just need to go find a skirt for Naomi...
I've made cards that go along with the themes as well...
and maybe I'll share those cards next week.

I know, I know...
this post is a little late for Father's Day,
but it's so cute you could use it for anytime.
You could just write,
"you're the BOMB!"
in the speech bubble...
the sky is the limit!

Can't wait to see what you do with this idea,
run with it, make it your own,
link up what you've done
so I can admire and
be inspired!!!!


  1. How adorable!! What a great tradition, I love it. We made a card for Daddy this year with handprints that said "You are hands-down, the best dad in the world" just another idea for a saying!

  2. Very cute! I love them,especially the bomb pop! Those used to always be my favorite from the ice cream man!
    Stopping by to say hello, tell the mister Happy Father's Day!
    Stay Fabulous

  3. This is a wonderful tradition! The shirts are so much fun.

  4. I love this idea!!!!! Thanks!!! And I am a brand new follower,,,,recommended by Alissa. And she is right, this blog rocks!

  5. What a cute and unique way to greet their daddy a happy father's day! I would really love to steal this idea.


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