Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Easily Decorate Your Christmas Tree...

How to decorate your Christmas tree the Pine Creek Style way...My version is just  that...My version. I am sure there are a ga-zillion articles posted on this subject....BUT this is what works for me...and now several friends, family & my kids are using my method. It seems to work for them!
Every year someone says, "Tell me how to decorate MY tree like that!"
So here is my untrained opinion on the topic. Have fun, enjoy......
I have two trees this year...this one is my Kitchen Tree...
And this is my Living Room Tree...
 Start with your tree, check the lights and add any additional lights at this time.
Also place your tree topper on the top and if lighted, check lights.
Don't worry about straightening the branches. Do that as you work and add the garland & ornaments.
Leave the lights on while you decorate. It helps with placement of the ornaments.
 Place your Christmas tree skirt (or whatever you use) around the base of the tree.
On this tree I used a yard & a half of burlap around the base. I also placed my cow hide rug under the tree.
I choose large items I am going to place near the tree , and put them in place.
Sometimes, I move them around until I get the look I want.
This year I wanted to use my dress form & maybe a chair.
 Next decorate the top of the tree...front
 And back!
Then I add the garland....I decide the look I want then, I attach the garland.
This year I used 2 garlands, burlap and a gold-ish colored shear. Start at the top and work your way around the tree.
 On this tree I placed the garland in a diagonal fashion, alternating the colors. I use the branches to secure the garland in place. I make it a little puffy to give a look of fullness & add demention.
Continue around the tree, adjust as needed!
 I start with the largest items for the tree first. I used framed black & white photos this year. Same thing for signs and large ornaments. Work around the whole tree. Make sure you look & place items around all the sides. Alternate your pattern while spacing. Secure items with branches.
 Start adding ornaments, I try to do groupings of 3, and alternate the sizes. Example: 2 medium ornaments & 1 large ornament. The next grouping could be 2 large & 1 medium. Have fun with it!
Before you start, choose your colors & theme. I like to add different styles of floral picks, but keep them in the same color scheme.
The colors on this tree was silver & gold with a touch of bronze. The only additional colors are the muted old world wooden pictures of Mary & Jesus.
 I added a mirror on a low easel and a champagne bowl with scented pine cones.
And a couple of necklaces on the dress form along with a bronze floral picks.
This is a special photo I added this year for my Dad. We lost him last Christmas to Cancer. He shared with me his "love of Christmas" and his decorating ideas. He loved the Holidays!  He made a living as a mail carrier & a fireman. The framed photo is from his special tree last year that includes a photo of him while on his mail route.
A view from above....

Merry Christmas with Style...


  1. These are beautiful!!! I love to decorate too and so hate to take them down after Christmas. (looking around....I actually left one up til April last year and decorated it for each month's theme)

  2. Thank you Regina....live to decorate for the holidays! I have friends who have done the same thing! I think I would get to restless and want to change things up! Heehee! Merry Christmas.....xo, NeeCee


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