Friday, October 25, 2013

These Halloween Dress Forms Have Style...

My Dress Forms are Ready for Halloween...

October is Breast cancer Awareness Month...
For Halloween this year... I played dress up with My Dress Forms! 
I had fun...
 Ready for her travels & Halloween...
Sassy & Classy
 You are Braver than You Think & Stronger than You Know...
This one supports Breast Cancer awareness ....
"Sassy, Classy & A Little Kick Ass-y!"
This is for My Granny Gunil...She would have LOVED this! 
I can almost hear her now through heaven's floor...
"I LOVE it....Rock the Bling & Save the Ta-Ta's!"
My Granny Rock'd it and she could Kick Ass-y! ...Heehee :)))
I LOVE YOU Granny...sending Kisses to Heaven for You!
XO, NeeCee
 This is also for my baby Cousin...I love you bunches...You are so Brave, xo NeeCee
And this is My Granny (& Grandpa)
Showing Off My Halloween Style...

For My Cousin & a Friend....(& My Grandmother Gunil too)....xo, NeeCee
Celebrate Life, Find a Cure @ Pine Creek Style 2013


  1. Such a great idea! I never thought to dress up my dress form for Halloween!!!

  2. Thanks Heather...I had fun playing dress up with my dress forms! Once I did one, I had to do the others!
    My oldest granddaughter loved it so much...she decorated hers too! It was adorable! I would love to see & share a picture of YOUR dress form should you decide adorn your's too! xo, NeeCee @ pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com or pinecreekstyle@gmail.com Have a Stylish Day!


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