Friday, October 18, 2013

Black & White Bedroom...Redo

My White & Black Boudoir 
with Touches of Red...
A closeup of the new bedspread in the guest room.
 This was the before look....
 I fell in love with this Bedspread...YES it's white! But that's why they make fabric protector....RIGHT?
Found it (the bedspread) at Target on clearance for $35.00! 
And it is Cal-KING size!
The red pillow is bright with color vs. the blackish red I had before. The gray pillow was nice to find, it blends well with the gray & white chair in the room.
 I also changed out the lamps and placed them on either side of the bed.
 (They had been in my office!)
 I found this Clock at Pier One and it was LOVE at first sight!
 I love my Hotel sign....So of course it had to stay!
 There is my Gray & White Chair...The fur pillow had been on the bed previously!
The room feels larger with the White Bedspread, and has a cleaner look.
I think this look adds a romantic feel to the room. 
 My little lady on the right was a gift from a friend!
She looks lovely donning her pearls!
So few changes, yet BIG results!
 My touches of red blend better now...
Reds can be hard to match!
A Clean Classy Look with Lots of Style...


  1. Wow! Classy indeed! Love that the room feels so romantic as well!

    1. Thank you....I love having a romantic room for guests...makes them feel special ! xo, NeeCee

  2. That is awesome!!! Will you please come do my house??? The room looks cozy and like a perfect little hide-a-away.

    1. Wow...nice compliment.....be right over....heehee....It is a very comfortable room and my guests love it! I am often asked by return guests..."Do we get to stay in the Black & White Room??? Please-Please...."....haha, I love it! xo, NeeCee


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