Monday, August 5, 2013

Unique Garden Planters...

I was browsing through my face book page
WHEN....a friend of mine's post caught my eye!
 "WOW, That is SO cute! Gotta Blog that!", I thought. 
So... I shot off a comment and a question to Tammy R. a.s.a.p!
"Too cute Tammy...may I share it on the Blog?"
She said YES immediately. 
Yeah...TOO darn CUTE NOT to SHARE!
Would love to learn at this desk!
 (Clever girl that Tammy! LOVE the choice of plants!)
Tammy had bought these desks a while back from Our Lady of Miracles School. They were disposing of old supplies in order to buy new ones. They were bought for the price of a donation! Her painting supplies ran around $20.00. She used some painter's tape, Rust Oleum's Painters Touch Ultra Cover x2 in a primer and Fire Engine Red paint.
Absolutely Too Cute! Great Job Tammy...Check out my Pinterest & Facebook Pages, I've posted it there too!
(*She's gotten all kinds of comments and likes on her face book page...
AND you can see why! )
Thanks for letting me share your cute idea Tammy. 
With your kind of talent, you can share anytime.... :)
Below are a few more cute Garden Ideas I found on Pinterest:
"Cute as a Bug"
 Just Book It!
 "Never tire of these Tire's"
 These plants are ready for a rainy day!
 These plants are sitting pretty!
 A lovely welcome home.
Pretty little teapots, all in a row!
Show off Your Gardening Style, Today...


  1. Love it all most especially the beetle!

  2. Loved that you LOVED the post, have a wonderful day....NeeCee


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