Monday, August 19, 2013

A Desk with Style...

A Desk with Style ...For a Stylish Girl...
Of course I'm a WEE-bit partial about the Girl...
She's one of my Grand daughter's! :)
 My Girl...needed a desk for homework...."SHE"S IN COLLEGE"! 
(YES, I am OLD! But still young at heart, I might add! LOL )
 So I found this darling desk at a local thrift store for $35.oo! She need some work, but I loved her STYLE! I had fun making her MORE stylish! I had all of the paint and supplies on hand so...cha-ching...pretty cheap for so much style!
Do you see my little kitty...Reba loves to be in the WAY!
 She was a Plain Jane beige! Inside and Out!!! So... I did a collage on the inside of the drawer with subliminal messages only a Granny can get away with!
Ha-Ha...I CAN be a little sappy sometimes! 
But...."The Grand-Mama" is a little self entitled! HEY, at least I admit it!
I used stickers and postcards, and black and white paper torn into different sizes. And just went a little crazy with FUN!
 I painted the desk with a cream white wash, added stencils in black paint. After that, I antiqued the desk with a walnut stain. Added a little stressing on the corners and finished with a satin clear finish. A light sanding with #4-0 steel wool...and she was done!
 I added a few special numbers...here and there too!
 And she is ready for her new owner...
 I love the fact that she has built in book shelves too!
 My Girl's favorite #..."13" and the family lucky number....
 Graces the inside of the desk lid.
The lighting was off on some of these photos as they were taken late at night!
BUT, She stil looks LOVELY!
Besides all that really matters is the comment from HER new owner...
And I quote;
 "SWEET!"...Thank's Nana...It looks AWESOME!!!
Now that's Style (only a Granny could LOVE)...

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  1. What a beautiful desk!
    And I love the bookshelves on the front -- I would treasure such a gift!
    She is a lucky girl!


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