Monday, July 22, 2013

This Lamp Shade Rules...

This Lamp Shade Rules the House...
I went to my favorite grocery store, Raley's, yesterday. Went in to buy some staples and a birthday card.
Then I spied this...
 I found this plant container in the area of the cards & gifts. 
An idea POPPED into my head!
 I had just bought some paint sticks to possibly use for a lamp shade. I even thought about using yard sticks. 
I had seen this version of paint sticks on Pinterest!
So, I turned the planter
 OVER! TA-DAH...Lamp Shade! HOW EASY PEASY!!!!
 One drilled hole and I'm in business!!! WHOO-HOO...
 I stopped and bought a lamp harp and a finial for the top of the new shade!
 I had bought this lamp about five years ago at Target. I love the gray shade and the bronze lamp. BUT, I had recently change the lamps in the guest room....That's when I decided to surprise my Grandson with a new lamp for HIS new room! 
I measured the center of the bottom (now the new top) for the hole to attach to the lamp.
 It took seconds to drill the hole!
 All DONE! I love how it looks!!!!
 I found the perfect finial to finish the lamp!
I'm super excited to give it to my Grandson!
 Here is the lamp in another area. 
MMmmm, I may have to make some lamps for ME! 
Here's a sneak peak of my Grandson's room....His Mom is still working on it!!! You will have to check out her blog post at Trendy Treehouse (HERE).
This Lamp Shade Rules with Style...
oxox, NeeCee
The grandkids having a bit of fun! HeeHee
Silly KIDS :)

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