Friday, July 26, 2013

Soon to Be Famous Pulled Ham...

"Soon to Be Famous Pulled Ham"
This recipe is so simple and easy, but NOT short on FLAVOR!
If you like HAM, it will become a family FAVORITE.
Even if HAM is not your favorite, it it might be NOW. It's that GOOD!
 This is our Son's ham recipe. The first time he served it to us, we all wanted to know HOW it was fixed. We were amazed at the simplicity and flavor.
 You will need a large crock pot or roasting oven w/a lid.
1 large bone-in Ham
1 bottle of Red wine
Bake at 350 degrees for 8+ hours
No seasonings needed!
You may check on it, baste it and replace the lid about every hour.
The ham will start to cook off the bone. When ham is done, use a set of forks to pull the ham (off the bone) in a shredding motion. Let the ham fall into the wine's basting juices below. Mix well to blend juices with meat. The bone may be frozen to be used in a soup or beans at a later date.
 Below you can see the basing wine as the ham cooks.
 This ham looks similar to pulled pork. It is moist and packed flavor.
Guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds!
 This ham may be served many ways. Serve as seen above; shredded as the main course, in omelet's, sandwiches, taco's, soups & beans and much more.
Delicious with pineapple too! You won't be disappointed!
Soon to Be Famous with Style...

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