Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello! and some ideas for something fun!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. We are! We had family movie night, took a drive to Sacramento and browsed the mall with the kids. They loved it! We had Johnny Rockets for lunch and let the kids buy some fun stuff too! The big hits were the Hello Kitty store, Lego Store, Disney Store and of course the Pretzel place. Today we are lounging around and have some more fun plans to go swimming with the kids at Nana and Papas house. What did you do this weekend?

I have had some ideas lately for something I think would be fun to do here on the blog.  I just haven't really figured out how to do it without making it a big production. LOL So I wanted to get some of your feedback on the idea.  And would love to have you share with others, because I think it would be awesome!

Gift Exchange Anyone?
Here's the idea.... I am thinking of hosting a "Crafty Pal" party.  I am going to start with 1 and see how it goes.  If its a hit, we can host more.  

So basically, we, you and other fab crafters would link up a gift they would like to exchange with other party linkers.  The party would be open to anyone, not just the crafty gals. We don't want to leave anyone out if they want to participate. Some people had mentioned they are not crafty but still want to participate. So they suggested linking up already made gifts or gift cards. YES! Of course, that works too! 

Although, I would like to see some craftiness for the most part! My goal is to share our talents with each other.  I know a lot of you out there are fantastic at sewing, painting, cooking, pattern making, ect.  So I would love to see what you can do!

...Party Rules...
Link up your exchange in the linky party time limit. I will keep the party open for 48 hours.

Gift value should be a minimum of $20 
(however, higher value is great too. I personally want to offer more)

If you link up a gift....send it! Don't be a party pooper! LOL
(I know you would hate to send something and not receive, right?)

After the party closes, I will contact and match up people randomly and then you can get to sharing!

These are my ideas! What do you think? Holidays are coming and I thought this would be a fun time to get started with a gift exchange! Share your thoughts below and share with anyone you think might want to join in. Lets make this a fun party so we can have more just like them.


  1. I think this idea is great!!! I agree with you on the most crafty side...:) can't wait for you to host the party, I'll spread the word around...

  2. This sounds like a fun idea!

  3. LOVE IT! I have been wanting to do this! only my blog is just not large enough... I would only have 2 people exchanging LOL. Then I stumbles across your idea today... I LOVE IT! I would love to be involved and help in any way I can. I think this would be so fun. I think it would be best to have some type of statement like "hand crafted items are special but if you can't craft show us what you got because all are welcome. I am sure you will think of a way better way to say it.

    Please count me in.


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