Monday, April 30, 2012

Baseball days

This year we decided to have all the kids play baseball. CRAZY?!? We thought we were going to be crazy busy, and we are, but in a good way. We are loving going from game to game watching the kids play and they are all so fun to watch! Our son is on the majors again this year, our oldest daughter is on minors and the two lil girls are on the same team, playing farm league.

Below are a few pics I took of them. I don't have many yet, but plan on a lot more this season! This year it rained and the photographer took indoor pics. I didn't care for them and took my own when weather cleared up. So I am sharing those and two that I took of the lil girls this past Saturday. I thought they were cool. I'll share more of all of them when I get the right shots. ;D
We still have about a month of baseball. I look forward to every game. And this week we have one every night! ;)

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  1. I can't wait until Haleigh is old enough.. I hope she likes baseball!


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