Saturday, August 27, 2011

S'mores and other random tidbits

Our neighbors are amazing. We are so blessed to live right smack next door to a great family who has children of similar ages to ours (in fact their daughter is only a month younger than Naomi) and who have the same beliefs as us and the same parenting style. We have worked out a great system for dinners together and just enjoy hanging out. We swap babysitting once a month so that we can have date nights with our spouses. They watch our kids one night and we watch theirs on a different night. We usually just do dinner and something else short so that we don't have to put the other kids to bed and it works out great for us all. We get some one on one time with our spouse and we get to have a longer play date for our kids another night.

Last night was our turn to watch the neighbors kids. We decided to have breakfast for dinner and then let the kids make their own dessert. They made little s'mores roll-ups. Super easy and delicious! Just a croissant, some chocolate chips and marshmallows. The kids loved that they were able to make their own dessert! They were pretty delicious too!

In other news, my daughter started 4K on Thursday. We were originally going to homeschool this year but we've decided to send her to the local Catholic school. She was a little late in starting because we weren't planning on sending her but she didn't miss much...besides she couldn't have gone the first week because she was super sick. You can see more pictures from our mini "first day of school" photo shoot and hear about our decision to send her here.
Are you having your family photos taken this fall? I've written up a "what to wear" mini guide

and would love for you to take a look at it and let me know what you think. Hope you have a great
weekend and if you've already started school hope the kiddos are enjoying it! And if you haven't
started school I hope you have a great beginning to a new year!

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