Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pizza Sandwiches

I am not in a rush for summer to be over. But I'm over the heat already.

Moving from San Antonio where it's HOT to Tennessee where it's HUMID has done a number on my love of summer.
It probably won't come as a surprise (if you know me) that FALL is my favorite season.
Jeans. Sweatshirts. Crisp cool mornings. Colorful leaves. Soup. Football. I am so excited.
And what makes me even more excited is that I'll actually be able to experience fall once again.
Now it probably won't be the same as my favorite falls in Milwaukee but it will be much better
than what they call "fall" in San Antonio!

I love a good soup. Taco soup is one of our family favorites and we make it a couple times a
month in the fall and winter...and sometimes even in the summer (that's how much we love it).
I would love for you to link up some great soup recipes...we're always looking for new ones.
I've found a few on pinterest and if you'd like to see my stash of soup and crock-pot recipes
check them out here.

I've been loving the crock-pot recipes lately and don't know why I don't cook with my crock-pot
every.single.day. I made some "beef sausage pizza sandwiches" the other day and my husband
told me that I could make that once a week...so I know it was a hit. Even Micah gobbled them up.
Naomi didn't touch the sandwich but she's been sick for a week now and hasn't eaten much
so I don't blame her. Anyway, here's the super quick, simple and delicious recipe.

I used a pound of ground beef sausage because it's what we had on hand. You could use
italian sausage links, and probably even just ground beef. Put the meat in the crock-pot with
a 26oz jar of pizza sauce, a green pepper cut into strips and an onion cut into strips.
Cook on low for 6 hours. When it's time to eat cut open some hoagie rolls, spoon on the
meat/pizza mixture and top with mozzarella cheese! DELICIOUS!!!

let me know if you try it and please send me your soup recipes. I'm itching for some soup,
a comfy sweatshirt, open windows and football on in the background! (it's been a long time
since I've been able to wear a sweatshirt because it's cold outside and not just from the AC)

Happy Weekend!

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