Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School for my Kiddos!

Happy Thursday everyone! It feels like a Friday to me. ;-) My hubby started working 4 10's and is taking 3 day weekends with us! Yeah! Tomorrow is the first Friday. And while the kids are in school, we get a day together. I'm excited about that! We don't get too much alone time with 4 kiddos. So it will be nice to spend Fridays together.

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos with you today. Last week my kids started school!! They couldn't wait! I wasn't ready. :( We had such a fun summer of camping and boating, I didn't want it to end. And now all I hear is silence. It's kinda strange without kid noise. HUH? When your used to it 24/7.

So the first day of school, I started it off right. With CINNAMON ROLLS! Mmmm! Who doesn't love them. I got giggles and smiles all around!
After the kids were ready to go, we stepped outside for some photos. I took a lot, so don't freak out! Ok, I'll only share my favorites. Here is one of all the kids with their backpacks and teacher gifts.
And here is one of them with their grades written on Chalkboards. These were fun! We found the speech bubble chalkboards at our local craft store.
Here are some crazy faced kiddos!
My son, CJ is going in to the 6th grade this year. REALLY? I can't believe it! He is really excited about this year because he can try out for the sports teams now! He plays Little League, but really wants to be a part of the school team. He is also starting his second year of playing the saxophone. I know I am his mom, but he is REALLY good at playing it! We are so proud of him. He's going to have a great year!
 Our oldest daughter, Cha Cha is beginning 5th grade. I can't hardly describe how excited she is. She is now on the big kid side of the school and gets a new lunch hour and recess. And YES! She is excited because now she can say hi to her big brother during the day. He's not too excited. BROTHERS!!! LOL Music it the other thing she can't wait for. She has chosen to play the flute. YEAH! The first day of school she came running out saying "I LOVE 5TH GRADE!" That is a good sign. Woo! Hoo!
Our little Cass is entering third grade this year. She is my one and only that wants to dress herself every morning for school. Any other day, she doesn't care. But on non PE days, she wants to wear a dress and be a girly girl. So cute! We do see a few tears if she doesn't get to wear what she wants. :( But she's always happy and stylin! She is going to have a great year and loves her class. Her favorite thing to do is the monkey bars at recess and yes, like me, she has to wear lil shorts under her dresses so she can do the monkey bars with a dress on. LOL
Our youngest, Caidee Rae is starting 1st grade. She is super excited that she is now a big girl and can't wait to go every morning. She loves her music class. It started yesterday and she came home singing. CUTE! She also loves PE and recess. I get to work in her class on Monday afternoons and already this week, I loved seeing that she is quick to raise her hand. She is not afraid to give answers! YEAH!
We are very excited for the kids and another year of school and fun memories! I still can't believe that all my kids are in school already. It's so sad but at the same time exciting for them. They get to have all the great experiences school brings. Friends, field trips, recess, music and more!

How was your kids first day of school? 
Share some photos below in our comments. Would love to see them!

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