Friday, July 22, 2011

Smoked S'mores

Our family loves S'mores! I am sure your's does too! Well at a recent get together (father's day) we decided to make some. However, we did not have a camp fire handy. ;-) My dad was smoking the main course, so we thought we would try to smoke some s'mores. It worked!

| How to make them |

You'll need, graham crackers, chocolates (we chose dark chocolate), marshmallows and some foil.
Take a square of foil and stack up your s'more. Graham cracker on the bottom, chocolate, marshmallow and cracker on top. Do not cook any of it. Close up the foil and make some more.
When your meal is finished and you are ready for dessert, place the foil packets on the smoker. Leave them there for about 8-10 minutes on a high temp.
Take them out. Smoosh, yes I said Smoosh, them down and pass them out to enjoy. They will be a hit!

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