Monday, June 6, 2011

Nutty White Choco Pancakes

So Sunday morning pancakes got a little more interesting. I was making our regular recipe for pancakes and wanted something sweet.  So I grabbed what I had. And these were the result. And they were so good!

Our regular recipe is simple. We use Bisquick. With my family, we double the batch. Normally so the kids will have left overs during the school week.

So we use....
4 cups of Bisquick
2 Cups Milk (we use a little more to make them thinner)
4 Eggs

We also use...
Sugar to taste...sorry I can't say exact, I just pour until it looks good.
Cinnamon....again to taste
And a quick dash of Vanilla Extract

These make the most delicious pancakes just like this. But....

You can add toppings...Mmmm
For the recipe above I added...
White Chocolate Chips and Walnuts.

Once you add your batter to the grill, just sprinkle on the walnuts and white chocolate chips. I added a lot. I like a little in every bite. Add butter and enjoy.
These were so good with just butter, I didn't need to add anything else. But I'm sure if you are a sugar lover, you could add some syrup.

Other toppings we like to use...
Powdered Sugar
Chocolate Sprinkles
Confetti Sprinkles
Sweet Sugar Sprinkles
Brown Sugar

Hope you enjoy our tasty pancake recipe as much as we do. Let us know what you think if you try it. Have a great week!

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