Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's Mission Report Time

My daughter is in the 4th grade and is finishing up her mission report. She chose "Mission San Diego De Alcala" Well they have an option of making a mission to go along with her report. They get extra credit too. Which is nice is there are any flubbs on the report. LOL Below we are sharing some photos of her mission. She loved it and did a great job with placement of everything. Good job sweetie! I'm always so PROUD of YOU!
We used a canvas board for sturdiness. Last year with my sons, we used a cake board and it was just not strong enough. This was nice. 
The first thing we did was cover both sides of all the pieces and one side of the canvas with wallpaper. A quick way to give your mission a design other than plain ole white. And so much quicker than painting.

Next, I helped her hot glue all the buildings together. She then traced out where it was going to be placed on the board. We removed the buildings and she painted (3 different colors of green) the grass. The different colors gave it a nice look. With a brown crayon, she colored where the building were going because she wanted to see a brown floor when looking through the windows, not grass. LOL Smart girl!

Time to glue on the buildings...This was tricky. Our instructions weren't the best on placement. So we did our best to make it look like the picture. ;-)

Lastly, the details...I helped her with the hot glue and she placed each roof, tree, rock, animal, bird, ect....to finish her project. She even wanted a little rock garden around her fountain. Cute!

We love it! She gets to turn it in today and can't wait to show her teacher and friends.
She's so PROUD!
More photos...don't mind the long grass, I'm mowing it as you read this!!! Ha! Ha!
It was a little windy outside. ;-) Hence the hair in the face.

Hope you enjoyed out mission photos!
Did your kids make a mission this year? 
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