Saturday, April 2, 2011

Race Track Birthday

Hi friends, I'm back online...and starting to get out from under the boxes. We still have a lot to do in order to really get the house completely functional and organized but it feels good to have most of the boxes out of the house!

It's been great to have my husband home for about a week and a half to help with the unpacking and organizing. My sister also came down from Milwaukee to spend a week helping out! My husband will be installed as Pastor on Sunday and then we'll get back to a routine sometime next week...hopefully.

In the midst of all the packing, moving and unpacking we all got very sick. Both big kids had an upper respiratory infection and eye infections and little Hannah got RSV. Greg and I did our fair share of coughing and feeling lousy as well...but we're all on the mend now!

Today happens to be Micah's birthday! The little dude is 3!!! I can't believe he's 3 already. It's also my sisters birthday and we're so blessed to have her here with us to celebrate these two important people. For a while now I've been contemplating what to make for Micah's birthday cake. We knew we'd have family in town (my in-laws are also here) and knew we'd want to have a small partyish for Micah...and my sister and my father-in-law whose birthday is tomorrow. So, I wasn't sure if Micah would want a Buzz Lightyear cake or a Lightning McQueen cake. More and more lately he's been obsessed loving Lightning McQueen. He got a used, beat up, paint chipped Lightning car a couple of months ago from someone at our church in San Antonio and he has been playing with that car nonstop and asking to sleep with it, etc. I decided to make him a race track cake and get him some new CARS cars. He LOVES it!!! And I'm so glad that's what I decided to do.

So, while I celebrate my little man and my sister and my father-in-law, here are some photos of the cake I made for them all (oh and it's chocolate and red velvet cake). Enjoy the pics...oh and one of my little man doing his Buzz Lightyear face!

Hopefully next week I can show you a few pics of our "new" house (we're renting for a year). So we're not getting everything out, but man moving really does make you realize how much stuff you have! yikes! Have a great weekend and an incredible week!

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