Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lunch Bag Bunnies

Need to make a quick Easter craft?
Most likely you already have lunch bags, scissors and markers in your house, if you're like me. LOL So it will be easy to gather up the supplies and make these with your little ones.

What you will need...
Brown Paper Lunch Bags
Permanent Marker
Markers or Color Crayons
Plastic Grass

Instructions below on how to make these. They are so quick and easy.
Start out by tracing (with your permanent marker) bunny ears on your paper bag. The kids can do this too, but lil ones may make their ears too small. They need to be large so you can get into the bag for your hunt or goodies.
Hand it over to a kiddo for cutting. It's starting to look like a bunny. Pretty cute huh?
Now the fun part. Adding the face and coloring. Let your kids draw on their face. Make sure you give them a few examples so they can get ideas and sizes too!
When you open up your bag, you are going to have some extra material from cutting the ears. Go ahead and cut both sides off so you just have the front and back ears.
I cut one side off so you can see which ones to cut. Next I will cut off the other side.
Now that you cut the sides off and have all the coloring, you need to staple the front and back ears together.
Look at how cute these lil bags turn out! And they can look different by adding different style faces.
You can even make a boy by adding a bow to the bottom of the bag. CUTE! Or should I say HANDSOME!
The girls had so much fun making them, we have more than we need. ;-)
And just look at how happy they are with their bunnies. I love all the different looks and the short ears too!
It took us about 15 minutes to make all these bunnies, including photo taking time. So these will make a fun and quick craft this Easter.
Please share your Lunch Bag Bunnies with us! Link up below

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