Thursday, March 31, 2011

DIY Wall Decor

I made these stars a couple years ago. I had seen some in a local store but they were bright colors and way too expensive. Hubby had some extra wood laying around so he helped me make these.

What you will need....
5 different colors of paint.... I used rustic colors... red, blue, green, brown and black.
Pliable wire for decor
Accent Fabric with like colors

Tools you will need...
Table Saw or Hand Saw
Drill with Drill bit
Pliers and round rod for bending wire

First I cut all the pieces. Sorry I can't remember the exact sizes but I made each stars 5 pieces all the same size then when down 2-3 inches each for the smaller stars.

Next paint your sticks to the desired colors. (you can also do a star in all one color) Use your sand paper to sand them down to give them the rustic look.

No you want to drill a hole at both ends of each stick. This is so you can hold the finished stars together.

Form your star the way you like it and take a small piece of wire and put it through the ends of the star. Curl over the back side to hold in place, then using your pliers and round rod, roll the wire making a curly Q on the front. Do this for all 5 sides.

Lastly, knot a piece of fabric on each end and your done.
Make 3 different sizes or display one large star. Can be used indoor or out. Just remember to use the correct paint and sealant if you would like yours outside.

Hope you enjoy your day!

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