Monday, February 28, 2011

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Ever wanted to know how to make your own | Laundry Detergent | and save some money? 
Below is a simple recipe that will get your clothes clean while saving you some extra cash too!

| What you will need |

1 - 4 lb. box of Borax
1 - 3 lb. box of Washing Soda
1 - 1 lb. box of Baking Soda
3 - Bard of Fels Naptha Laundry Soap
First you want to mix up your Borax, Washing Soda and Baking Soda in a large mixing bowl. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area. You don't want to be breathing in this mixture too much and the powder is very fine.
TIP... if you tend to get sensitive skin, BORAX may cause some irritation.
Next you want to grab your Fels Naptha and a grater...
Grate all three bars directly on top of the mixing bowl. I stirred after each bar. And don't worry about grating the whole bar. Just get down as far as you can and throw that last bit out. No need to accidentally grate your fingers.
 Mix all ingredients completely and store them in an airtight container.
You will use 1-2 TB. of this mixture with each load of laundry.
| Here is a close up of what your detergent should look like |
There are other recipes out there that are similar. They have the same ingredients but with different amounts. I have found that this recipe works best for us. So play with the recipe and find what works best for you. You could also use different bars of soap, depending on your sensitivity or scent preference.

Here's something funny...
As I was making this, my daughter walks up and says to me...

Cass - What are you making momma?
Me - Some Laundry Detergent.
Cass - Why are you putting CHEESE in it?
Me - (after laughing) That's not cheese sweetie, it's soap!
Cass - Oh, well it looks like cheese. It looks like you are cooking something to eat!

So cute. So the picture below is for her. HA! HA!
NOT CHEESE! Although it looks like you could grab a handful of it. Mmmm! LOL


  1. This is the same recipe we use. Been using it a little over a month now and love it.

  2. Awesome, though I trend to have sensitive skin and sensitive to perfumes, but still would love to try it!!

  3. @Robin, we use a similar laundry detergent and though the smell is pretty strong when you pull it out of the washer, I can't smell it at all once the clothes are dry!

    I use a food processor and it makes shredding the Fels Naptha so much quicker! Have you figured out what the cost per load would be? I know it's cheaper than buying laundry detergent, but just curious by how much?

  4. Very interesting. I had heard Borax was good for making laundry detergent but never knew how. I may check this out. I too thought that the shreds of soap in one of the top pics looked more like shredded cheese than soap. :-)

  5. Can you use this in a HE washing machine?

  6. thank you for this new spin on home made detergent. Ive been using a similar one that you cook and is a liquid. I have not found it to be to my liking with my HE washer. (was told to use 1/2 cup in regular and 1/4 in he.) Cant wait to try yours!Also, I was also reading that you can use Dove soap in the place of the Fels naptha if you have sensitive skin. (I havent tried it myself)

  7. It's a great recipe, I posted it on my blog last month after my friend and her sister swore it was the best thing ever! lol

  8. Thanks for all your great comments. Glad this recipe could help. I love using it for my family. I even make extra to share with friends and family. ;-)

  9. Awesome! Very interesting. I've been using a similar one and it's the best!

  10. Found you on Handmade Projects. I also make homemade detergent, however I use a liquid detergent, same ingredients.
    For people with sensitive skin- My hubby has VERY sensitive skin, I have to use 'free and clear' detergents normally. I can use the fels naptha and it is fine, he has not had an allergic reaction to it. I grate a bar of Dove soap in with my fels naptha. I don't use the reg soda in my recipe, but might like to try this one.
    Do you have a HE washer?? I've heard you should use liquid for those type,but does it really matter???

    If you get a chance, check me out.

  11. I have to tell the truth, I was just glancing through the photos and totally thought you mixed cheese and flour, lol. Guess I think a lot like your daughter.

  12. what a great post!! so clever!

  13. I make my own laundry soap too! It uses basically same ingredients but is a liquid version so the supplies I buy last forever.

  14. That looks great. And so much easier than how I was making it. Thanks.

  15. I love my homemade laundry soap! I have been using the liquid version for years! I am visiting from New Friend Friday and I am a new follower! Hope to see more from you soon!
    Have a great Friday!

  16. I use a version of this recipe in my HE washer and it works just fine.


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