Monday, September 6, 2010

♥ Shutter Love Tuesdays ♥

Remember next week we will be hosting "CREATIVE CHICK WEEK" so there will be no Shutter Love Tuesday next week! But the following week we have "CAKES". That will be fun!

This weeks theme is "Bloopers/Outtakes"

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Tara & Jamie will be picking the Top Ten as well as some of our FAVORITES too!
Have Fun!
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Tara's "Bloopers/Outtakes" Photo
This photo was taken in Santa Cruz this summer. The first time the kids swam in the ocean. They were shocked at how cold the water was. I loved this shot for this weeks theme as our Beach Outtake. It was so fun watching them play and see how the waves just pushed them up and over. Hilariously fun day! I can't wait to see all of your entries too!

Jamie's "Bloopers/Outtakes" Photo

If you stopped by on Saturday you saw three photos from my little "take the kids to the park
set up the tripod maternity session" that I did. Well, here are two of my favorite little
bloopers/outtakes. Micah was totally over the "hug each other" photos. He did okay for like
10 seconds and then was just done, but I kept snapping away. It was hard using the tripod and timer,
I had the kids running back and forth to push the button and sometimes
they didn't make it back in time. But at least I got a few good photos!

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  1. That is such a cute picture! Looks like they are having a blast!

  2. I hope I'm voting in the right spot.
    My vote cast for Leaving the Blanket
    A lot of great photos here and a hard choice.

  3. I hope I'm voting in the right spot.
    My vote cast for Leaving the Blanket
    A lot of great photos here and a hard choice.
    Computer glitch before..sorry for the anonymous showing up in previous post.

  4. I cast my vote for Leaving the Blanket :)

  5. I vote for hilariosity!! Simply because it looks so much like it could be one of my kids doing that! Ya got to have some good ol nose pickin' pictures to torture your kids with when they're older! ;-)

  6. Fabulous linky party. Cute bloopers photos too. Your linky party has been featured today and added to the permanent list at Creative Link up. http://creativelinkup.blogspot.com/2010/09/more-than-one.html

  7. I know the story behind The Great Umbrella Heist picture. I vote for it! Those girls just can't seem to sit still!

  8. Jamie your pictures are great! And I love all the entries. I am loving this weeks theme. How fuN!

  9. The great umbrella heist is awesome! I would have put that one on my Christmas cards! haha

  10. I love "No Pictures Please" ~ that's a riot! And Great Umbrella Heist is adorable as always! :)

  11. All the entries are great! I love "No Pictures Please" too funny!! :)

  12. All the entries are great. I vote for "No Pictures Please"

  13. I vote for "Oh No"
    That is too funny!!


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