Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baseball theme of the week

School is starting here on Monday
maybe it's already started for your kiddos.

My little ones are small so I'm not sending them off yet.
But I do have big plans for starting some homeschooling efforts.
I plan to do "themes of the week" with them.
We'll start with the letters of the alphabet,
taking breaks for special holidays
and then move onto numbers, shapes, colors and so on.

Last year I did a few theme of the week projects with the kiddos
and one of my favorites was the baseball theme of the week we did.
Here's a glimpse into what we did!

{All the Baseball Details}

Playtime: Throwing and catching

Learning Fun: Baseball Team Geography, Player Position activity, Logo Matching

Books: Eddie, Harold's little brother; Casey at the Bat

Letter, Numbers & Shape: B, 5, circle

Art Time: Coloring, cutting and gluing baseball girl

Activities: Trick-or-Treating as a baseball

Inspiration and Resources:
Baseball Players Position Activity
Cut and Paste Baseball girl

What kind of things do you do with your preschoolers?

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