Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mirror Project with your help

Okay, so my girls (ages 7 & 5)  have these cute white bunk beds and 2 years ago we found a dresser, desk and nightstand to go with it at a yard sale. Worked for a while, but I have been wanting a change. Today, I found a mirror that matches the desk, dresser and night stand. So I got it. 

Now I need your help...
I want to refinish everything somehow. What would you do?
Share your thoughts about this project and what you would do in the linky below please!
I will choose one of your ideas and get to work on the re-do. 

Here is the picture of the "Mirror" I found, so you can get an idea of what the furniture looks like. Sorry for the bad picture.

And thank you in advance for your help and all the great ideas! I know they will be amazing!

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