Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Your going to Love this weeks "Guest Blogger"
Michelle at

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. 
or at least creation. 
maybe modification. 

I am continually on the prowl for something new to re-create and re-purpose. and it's super bonus if it is from items I already have that might otherwise go to waste!
Sometimes I can make up something new, and other times I modify and tweak already discovered ideas to be what I want and need them to be to make my life easier and more efficient.

After having my three miniatures, I could no longer keep track of my head, much less my keys- so research, the need for 6 extra hands and the Dangle Bangle was born {Dangle Bangle: a stylish way to keep my forever disappearing keys right on my wrist}!   But of course the head keeps spinning for new stuff to make and do….and to keep track of all of it, the blog was born in January 10.   

I am so inspired by the creative bloggers, and small business owners out there, and so happy they share their talent and skills.  So much of the desire to create comes from the inspiration from others that create.  That's what makes this blogging underworld so unique and such a treasure!  There are new ideas and new friends every day.

I am a generally happy girl and try to find the perfection in the imperfection… and in the noise these boys make!   You never know what's just around the corner! It's true… you  never know what's just around the corner!  To me, those are words to live by!


Water Bottle Storage... Really? Awesome!

Bottles are everywhere... I hate them.  I walk into the pantry and look at so many items that are in plastic bottles.   Now it's time for them to move on UP{cycled} to hold something else... and it's really so easy!
Cut off the bottom of any narrow mouth bottle.
(I save the bottoms too... they make the best little mod podge or paint trays).
Next dig up some corks around the house... or if you don't have any... get busy drinking!  I used my hand held straight edge razer to notch a star shape into the end.
Next dig up some corks around the house... or if you don't have any... get busy drinking!  I used my hand held straight edge razer to notch a star shape into the end.
I then pushed my peg hook into the cork (much easier with the star cuts! trust me!)
Here is your hook with it's cork addition.

I decided to dress up the ends  and attached a 1.5" grosgrain ribbon... (fabric would be great too!)
Insert the hook into the bottle mouth. 
OR you can attach the hook to the pegboard and then push the water bottle onto the hook with cork. 

This one is a 8 oz. Coke bottle (perfect for smaller items).
Here I used (left is the 8oz coke).  middle is a coffee creamer bottle (note it's a milky bottle not clear) and right is a water bottle (no ribbon attached).
I love the plain one... I cut the bottle along the natural wave of the grooves on the plastic.
Sit back and enjoy your new storage and be happy that there are a few less bottles cluttering the landfills...
Thank you Michelle for stopping by Trendy Treehouse. We love your project!


  1. I just got to see this project today, as I am a new follower. I love this idea! I didn't think the cute patterned peg board could be improved upon...but there it is.



  2. Well isn't this project clever. Pretty impressive.

  3. Beautiful presentation! I collect corks and am always looking for creative ways to use them...this is a great idea:)

  4. Love your site, such interesting ideas.
    would u be kind enough to visit mine and leave a comment?


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