Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three Jars Review

"Three Jars will transform how your kids think about money!" Raising a financially responsible child is easier than you might think... It’s a matter of building responsible money habits into the fabric of your child’s daily routine. Like brushing teeth, the earlier you start the better.…and it has never been more important.


Financially responsible kids get ahead and lead happy, purposeful lives.
If you’re like me, and lots of other parents, you want to raise financially responsible kids. Partially it’s because we want them to eventually move out and stand on their own two feet. But mostly it’s because we want them to do well, to get ahead and lead happy, purposeful lives.
Our kids have wonderful dreams, and we want to see them achieve those dreams.

It Starts with You! 
Only parents can get their child on the right path. But Really, it’s Up to Them! Practice makes perfect.

Kids use their own money ~ not yours ~ to make financial decisions, developing healthy money habits that stick.

Kids instantly develop the savings habit, setting aside a portion of every dollar earned from day one. They learn savings fundamental: like set and stick to long-term goals, practice patience, and don't break financial commitments!

Kids learn the value of a dollar. Kids obtain cash from their Spend Account
 or gift cards from more than 30 of their favorite retailers, with parent approval. Three Jars makes young shoppers wiser and more willing to save for what they really want.

Three Jars gets kids involved, with helping people, animals, and the environment ~ and every child gets to share! By using points earned on the site, kids direct Three Jars monthly donation to causes they are passionate about. Kids can also donate from their own Share Account to causes on or off Three Jars.

Kids earn.... Allowance, one-time projects, even lemonade stands are great opportunities for kids to learn about money. Keeping track of chores and assigning odd-jobs has never been easier.
The whole family celebrates! Parents celebrate that Three Jars has solved perhaps their most vexing parenting challenge: How to raise a financially responsible and compassionate child. Who knew it could be this easy? And kids celebrate their new sense of empowerment. From charting their own financial future to making a genuine difference in the lives of others, ThreeJars kids make their mark!

★ I have had the opportunity to use Three Jars with 2 of my children for a few weeks now and I have to say that we all LOVE it! It was so easy to set up and took me only a matter of minutes. Each of them have their own password for their accounts, which makes them feel so grown up. Three Jars has actually helped make them more responsible. With chores, special projects, earning, saving money and most importantly how to share their own money. They have even told friends about this. My daughter is so PROUD of herself, she took this experience in to share with her classmates. Her teacher was very impressed. She shared all about how she is saving up for her very own art supplies. She loves to draw. Our family was so excited over all this, we decided to take the kids shopping for food for the local food bank. As we drove to the store we talked about how we can help. You would be amazed at how bright your kids are, how many questions they ask and how interested they truly are. Three Jars has allowed our family a great resource to help our kids learn how to save, spend and share. We have always casually talked to them about those things, but to have it all there for you was so amazing. You will love it! See Testimonials Here from real parents using Three Jars.

Things that I love....
  • So EASY to use..... When you set up your account, each child gets their own profile and password. (completely safe, Three Jars NEVER shares any of your information with outside parties) You set up your child's account with a starting allowance and place different % into each SAVE, SPEND, and SHAREaccount. Set up chores and projects, upload a photo, if you like, then you are ready to go! It's that easy. Gotta love that.
  • Your child learns to SAVE.... The parents get to choose how much of their child's allowance goes into savings. The kids even learn about interest because parents pay earned interest on all money saved.
  • Your child learns to SPEND.... Your child gets to make cash or gift card request to the parents. If parents approve, the request is made. It the parents do not approve, the request is declined. So parents you still have a chance to step in and make sure they are making a smart purchase. Great time to sit down and talk about how to spend their money.
  • Your child learns how to SHARE.... Three Jars has great opportunity's to share their money with some really great organizations. Whether it's helping to feed hungry children or saving the seals, your child will see and learn how great it is to share. (I also would take this time of sharing to talk about how you can share in your own community as well. ThreeJars loves to hear from you, so sharing how they inspired you and your child to share at home to, is a reward in itself.)
  • Membership.... This is one of the best parts, you can get a free trial at no cost to you for 15 days. Cancel at anytime with no hassle. Thereafter, only $30 per family per year. $30 for the whole family for 1 whole year, had to say it again, WOW! I have 4 kiddos and I think that is just a great price to teach my kids about how to save, spend and share.
So, Give your child the boost they need – it will be a gift for life. Money Wise, Caring Kids!
A gift for the whole family. Raising financially responsible kids isn’t just about the money.
It’s about raising the whole child: financially responsible and socially compassionate.
The funny thing is our kids want that too! They’re just not going to ask. They wouldn’t know how.

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