Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart Hairdo - Valentine Tutorial

This is an adorable  Hair "do" for Valentines this year!

Here's what you do...

  1. Start by putting the hair into two piggy tails. (use rubber bands that match your child's hair so they don't show up. It takes away the effect of the heart)
  2. Separate one pig tail into 2 separate sections
  3. Twist or Braid 1 section. Secure with band and set aside.
  4. Now go to the other pony and do the same as you did in steps 2 and 3. (now you have two braids. Pull them together and secure with rubber band. It will lay in the center of your child's head where the part is.
  5. You should have 1 section left in each pony that is not braided. Go ahead and braid them now and secure with band separately. (they will be hanging down at this point)
  6. Now pull all three sections together forming the bottom of your heart. Secure with finishing band.
  7. Bobby pin the top of your heart in place. (otherwise the heart will look too straight) Basically give it a nice rounded shape.

That's it! Now you have a beautiful, quick, fun hair "do" for
Valentines Day!

I suggest....

  • braiding in pink, white or red ribbons
  • adding a bow at the bottom of your heart with long ribbons hanging down
  • wrapping the braids with ribbon, finish by tying a bow at the bottom of the heart
  • if you child has really long hair like mine, you can finish the pony tail on the bottom in many different ways.
    • braids - separate into 3 strands and braid each one so you have e braids hanging down
    • twists - do the same and twist 3 separate strands.
    • mix and match - twist and braid the bottom as well as leaving some hair hanging straight. This gives the pony a cute look.
    • let ribbons hang down in the pony tail

Another Super Cute Hair Share Link

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If you have any questions about this hairdo or want more instructions please email me. I would love to help! And share your hair creations photos at our Flickr Group too!

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  1. We are thinking alike! I just scrolled through my google reader and saw your post I just posted a similar Valentine hairstyle here:
    if you'd like to take a look.

  2. So cute! I added little hearts into Katie's ponytails last year and she got so many comments. Maybe we will try this one this year. ~Lanie

  3. This is cute. Wonder if it would look good on Colin??? If you can not tell... I need a little girl!

  4. Thanks girls. As you can see, Cass has a lot of thick hair. So doing her hair is soooo fun! Have fun with it Lanie. Anne, there is always next year. Start trying!!! LOL Would love another little girl in the group. Hee! Hee!

    Have a great day everyone!

  5. Absolutely adorable. What little, or big, girl wouldn't want to do this for Valentine's Day?

  6. WOW!! I've never seen that done.
    Not sure if I could do that.
    It's precious!

  7. this is amazing. I can't wait until my little ones hair gets longer. Thanks for playing along.. Have a great Valentine's Day.. Thanks for linking up.

  8. Oh how cute. Can't wait to do this on my daugther one year. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. how cute!


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