Thursday, February 25, 2010

★ French Braid Heart Tutorial ★

Are you ready for another adorable Heart Hairdo?

Well I know this would have been nice for Valentines. Sorry. But you can still use this fun hairdo to go just about anywhere. I love it!

Ready to learn? Let's get into the directions....

Step One: Parting the Hair
  • Part the hair right down the middle, making two pony tails. (Secure one side with a rubber band while you finish parting the other side.)
  • Take one side of your part and part it down the middle towards the ear. As if you were making a half pony on top. (secure bottom section with rubber band until ready to braid)
  • Now take the top half and part into triangles. (basically from the middle of the head towards the eye of the side you are working on. Secure the hair closest to the ear until ready to braid)
  • Do the same on other side of head. You should now have 6 sections of hair. 5 of them secured with rubber bands and one section ready to start. (in picture above, I put rubber bands on all sections so you could easily see the parts. It makes a pretty pattern, doesn't it?) LOL
Step Two: French Braiding the hair
  • Start by taking your first top left section of hair. Braid from crown towards left eye. When you get to the end of your first section, remove the rubber band from the hair near the left ear and continue to braid down towards the back of the head. (see picture below) Are you starting to see your heart yet?
  • Now remove the last section from your left side ponies and just continue to braid to the base of the neck. (try to braid to the middle rather than straight down. That way you make the point for your heart)
  • Continue with Step Two for the right side of the head. (the picture below shows you what you should have after completing the braids on both sides.

Step Three: Finishing Up
  • Now Gather the hair at the base of neck. Pull together making a point for your heart. (secure in place with a rubber band)

That's all there is to this "French Braid Heart" Hairdo!
Now isn't that a cute style for any day !


Tips on how to finish this Hairdo....
  • weave a ribbon through the braid to add color and a fun look
  • add a bow at the bottom of your heart
  • braid the bottom pony tail into a bunch of tiny braids and either let hang loose (LOL) below or pull up into a loop under the pony.
  • combine all three tips for a really FUN look!

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  1. That is really cool! I wish I had a girl. :)

  2. That is awesome, I will have to try. I am still working on my braiding skills! :)

  3. Very nice. I can not get a line like that when I do my little ones hair.. I need help..

  4. That's a really neat hairdo. Thanks for stopping by from Follow Friday. Following you back now :)

  5. I can't even get K to hold still for a regular french braid. Such a cute hair do Tara! ~Lanie J.

  6. So pretty! I can't wait until my daughter's hair is long enough so I can do things with it! :)
    Visiting from My Kids Are Fun!

  7. Gorgeous! And great easy to follow instructions. Now if my little girl would just grow her hair longer...


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