Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Squiggle Style Activity Pad Review

SQUIGGLE® Style ~ Ages 7 and Up

Bring out the fashion designer in you! SQUIGGLE Style lets you mix and match clothing and accessories to create your own unique, hip, funny and wild outfits. Imagine your own cool style and let your ideas come to life.

SQUIGGLE Style opens up to a dry erase drawing art board. Underneath there are 6 coloring dry erase markers to choose from. On the left and right are accessory wheels and spinners which make for a random selection of garments. This random selection of shirts, pants, shoes and accessories is what makes the finished outfit so unique, hip, cool, funny, wacky and wild.

I received the "Squiggle Style" for my daughters to test out and let me tell you they have not put it down. There are countless styles you can do by spinning 4 different wheels. Ok, so I played with it too. LOL First step, you spin to select your type of pant, I just spun and got a "Long Skirt". Next step, spin for your top,"Hoodie". Third, shoes, "Sandals". And lastly I spin for my accessory, "Belt". Take all those and draw the cutest creation on your"Dry Erase Fashion Board". Then strut your picture around the room in your own"Squiggle Style Fashion Show!"

This is so fun for all ages. I definitely give this my "2 Thumbs Up Award"A must buy for any girls birthday or Christmas gift.

And not only is the "Squiggle Style" fun, they have 8 other Drawing Activity Pads choose from.

There's the "Squiggle On-The-Move"

And 6 other fun ones to choose from.
    Things that I Love...

    • They are small and easy to take out for a car ride or restaurant companion
    • Dry Erase Board perfect for erasing and drawing for hours of fun
    • Comes with a handy compartment for the included dry erase markers. No losing them.
    • Promotes Creativity in your child~who doesn't love that.
    • Gives your child confidence in their artwork and makes them PROUD of what they have accomplished.
    Head over to Randomline to see all of their products. You can also find a retailer near you Here.


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