Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fruitabu Review

FruitaBu's mission is to provide a fun and enjoyable way for kids to get more fruit in their diets. They designed and launched "FruitaBu"
FruitaBu is made from organic smoooshed fruit and provides real servings of organic fruit in fun forms that kids will love. Even better,FruitaBu Fruit Snacks have only natural sugars that are found in fruit, and they never add artificial sweetners or flavors. You can see the naturalness in the products too! From the aromas, natural colors and textures, these products are ALL-NATURAL!

So experience FruitaBu today and 
Join the Fruitolution!

I received many of the FruitaBu Fruit Snacks thanks to FruitaBu. We tried 3 different flavors of "Fruit Rolls." Apple, Strawberry and Grape. YUM! Another great product we received was their"Original Fruit Leathers." They were delicious too! With 7 flavors to choose from, you will find many favorites. And I can't forget the "Fruit Flats."Another great product from FruitaBu with 5 flavors to choose from.

I usually buy bulk, generic fruit snack for my kids and they don't really care for them. They love these! And what a great way to get them to eat their serving of fruit for the day. They even grab them on the way out to dance class for a quick snack. I love that their first choice is a FruitaBu Fruit Snack and not chips or candy.

Things that I love....
  • They are all-natural, no sugar added Fruit Snacks!
  • Great for on-the-go, in a hurry snack grabbing!
  • Their website provides a lot of great information. Daily serving info, Nutrition and more!
  • Most importantly.... Your kids are really going to enjoy eating these and beg for more!

More great info for FruitaBu.....
  • Find out more about their products Here. Just click on "Our Products"
  • Find a their online store Here.
  • Want to locate a store near you. Go Here to find one.
  • Join the Fruitolution Here.
  • And for more questions.... You can contact FruitaBu Here.

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