Monday, January 25, 2010

Calico Costume Critters Review

Calico Costume Critters....

I received the Bunny and Chickcostume critters from International Play Things. These cute little Critters are from their Calico Critters toy line. They are so adorable. The detail is amazing. I have watched my girlsplay with these non stop. They carry them in their pockets to town and have had fun sharing them at school.

Each of these Critters came with their own costume. Simon the Squirrel is dressed in a chick costume complete with beak, wings, and a fully tail, while Cristy the Cat Sister looks adorable in a soft white bunny costume with 2 big ears and a cotton ball tail.

Frog and Lion Costume Critters Benji the Brown Bear Brother looks precious in a furry lion costume with a fluffy tail, while Polly the Polar Bear Sister is cute in a frog costume complete with “webbed” feet and hands.

Costume Critters has a whole line of fun Critters to playwith! There are a bunch of Family and Friends Critters. You can even buy furniture and accessories for your Calico Critters. Go here to see all the great things they have. Need a home or playtable for your Critters? They have some adorable ones here. So cute! There is even a Pony Series. WOW! And if you are looking for a great gift, check out theirReady-to-Play Sets. There are many to choose from. One of my favorites is their Baby Play Series. Very cute playground toys. Adorable.
Things that I love....

  • Costume Critters have so many different fun toys to choose from.
  • They are great for on the go fun! Small enough to fit in a pocket too!
  • The Calico Critters Website has so many activities for kids. Love that!
  • Their Ready-to-Play Sets are perfect for giving as a gift.
  • Go see this great video of Calico Critters here.
  • Most importantly, your lil ones with LOVE them!
A few fun places you might want to visit on Calico Critters Website......
Go to Calico Critters Website to see all the fun your Kids can have! Make sure you let the kids know they can send in their own Critter drawings. They just might see their artwork posted on the website.

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  1. Oh I had those growing up and loved them!!

  2. Oh my daughter just loves these! I have a hard time finding them...thanks for the info!

  3. These are adorable. I'll have to keep them in mind for my daughter, who is into critters. She love the Pet Shop and etc.

    I'm loving the White Chicken Chili recipe too.

  4. How stinkin' cute are these?!? I want one of each.


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