Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fruit Salad Flower Apple Bowls

If you hang around me long enough it won't come as much of a surprise that I like to make things. I love to be crafty, to rearrange things that are in place to make something different. I love to bake but when I saw this pin I knew it would be a great snack for Naomi to take to school on her birthday. I am all about cupcakes but I know that teachers don't always love the idea because kids aren't always very clean eaters!! There was nothing with the pin to tell me how to make these fruit salad flower apple bowls but that's okay, I just need a photo (sometimes two) and I can pretty much figure out how to make things. So I talked to Naomi about making these apple bowls and she loved the idea. So, here is a photo step by step tutorial of how I made the fruit salad flower apple bowls for Naomi to take to school on her birthday!

I washed the apples in water with a splash of vinegar.

 Cut the apples near the top with a slight diagonal cut. Not too deep.

Then turn the knife the other way to make a "petal"

 Make ten cuts thus making five petals.

Cut the top part off the apple

Cut little triangles out between the petals giving it more of a flower look.

Then scoop out the apple insides to make a bowl. I used a melon baller...and you can save the apple pieces to use in the fruit salad as well (obviously not the seed part though!)

Then soak the apple in sprite or ginger ale or lemon juice to slow down the browning...

Once I had all the bowls and flowers made I added some fruit inside the bowl and called it good!

 I wrapped each apple individually to make it easier on her teacher and to help prevent further browning since I made these up the night before.

She said the girls loved them! And those who didn't like kiwi gave them to Naomi and she LOVED that!!


  1. Those are so fun! Thanks for sharing Jamie!

  2. Hey that's a awesome trick to make fruit salad cup with a fruit itself. I'm gonna try this for sure and impress my guests. Thank you Jamie. I really appreciate your time sharing this article.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak


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