Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fancy & Fun Headband

I made this fun headband the other day for my girls.  It was easy to make and didn't take too much time at all.

...What you will need...

Plastic Headband
Ruffled Tulle
Ball Fringe

First start by hot gluing on the ruffled tulle.  Don't go down all the way to the end.  That is just going behind the ear and may be uncomfortable to wear.
It should now look like this picture below.
Next, glue on the ball fringe. I tucked under each end to help keep it from fraying.
It's looking cute already. I think it would look cute just like this too. But today we added flowers.
I would usually like to make my own flowers, but these pre-made flowers make this headband quick.  And they are pretty cute too!  Just glue them on and you are done. Probably only took you about 5 minutes to make.
Here is my little model showing it off.  I have to say that we got pretty lucky in finding the dress she is wearing too. I made this headband thinking the colors would go with many of her clothes and then found this dress the next day while shopping. I couldn't pass it up.  She just had to put it on as soon as we got in the car. ;D  Our next stop was the grocery store and the cashier said she loved her outfit and especially the headband. She told her that she should sell them. We just might do that. LOL
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  1. Really cute headband! I love the bright colors! This would be perfect with an Easter outfit!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  2. I love your headband. I've pinned it for a future make. Thanks for the cute, cute idea.

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life


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