Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baseball Birthday Party

Hey friends, I am sorry for not showing my face for three weeks around here...I'm a blogging space cadet! Ha! Well, I'm back today to share some details from my sons 5th Birthday party!! Three weeks ago I shared with you the Stadium Cake that I made for him...which was my favorite cake yet! So, now here are some of the details from his friend party!

Micah's birthday party was a lot of fun, we couldn't have asked for better weather. We had 9 great kids and their parents join us to celebrate five years of life for our sweet little man. What an incredible day. Micah was so anxious for his party and wanted it to start right when he woke up in the morning but we kept him occupied with helping to set things up to keep his mind off the time...it worked for a little bit. We enjoyed being outside almost all day and even ate lunch outside because it was so nice.

I had posed a question about treat bags on facebook and got some great responses. The majority of people said that they tried to stay away from a bag of candy and little plastic toys but still liked for the guests to leave with something. I was planning on having the kids trace themselves on paper and draw their own jerseys but there just wasn't a good place to do it. I also had cut out triangles so they could decorate their own pennants to put on a pencil but totally forgot to bring that out at the party. Those were originally going to be my "gifts" for the guests to take home but while I was at the dollar store getting a few things for the party I noticed some bat/ball combination toy so I decided to get that. I also got some plastic popcorn buckets for the kids to use at the party and take home. My kids love to use their popcorn buckets when we have movie night so I thought it would be a good versatile take home party favor. So, all in all the party was great and Micah had a blast. I'm glad we're not going to do the big blow out birthday party every year...you plan and plan and plan and then it's over...just like a lot of things in life. But we truly enjoyed celebrating Micah. Here are some photos from the day.

 Our "thanks for coming" gift.

 The kids "pitched" the ball through the hula hoop.
 Everyone ran around for a bit and just had a good time playing with friends and being a kid.
Greg then helped all the kids who wanted to have a chance to hit the ball off the tee. They loved it!

 The kids enjoyed some peanuts, popcorn, pretzels and fruit!
 My dad helped the kids play pin the ball on the bat.

 My frosting fell flat...I think I added a little too much milk...but it still tasted good!
 The cake pops were a hit too!
 A great suggestion that a friend made on facebook was to have the gift giver sit next to the birthday boy while he opened the gift from them. It gave the gift giver a great view of Micah opening their gift and it took the pile of kids on the birthday boy opening presents away.

Baby girl slept through part of the party but had a blast watching all the kids running around!
 A good time was had by all. If you're planning a party and need some help let me know. My dream job is to be a party planner...so let me know how I can help!!

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  1. What an awesome birthday party Jamie! Wish I was there to join in the fun! Happy Birthday Micah!!!

    Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing!


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