Saturday, March 9, 2013

School Auction ideas

Last night was the big Mystery Dinner Theater and Auction for my kids school. I was on the planning committee and I was also fortunate enough to be on stage for the Mystery Theater itself.  What a blast! It was truly an incredible night. I feel like I missed most of it because I was backstage throughout 90% of the evening but everyone seemed to have a great time. Months of planning went into this auction and countless hours of time and many volunteers made the night successful. I feel blessed to have been a small part of something so great. I have no idea how much money was raised yet but I'm sure it was incredible. The school where my kids attend is an amazing school and we feel so blessed to have found it and for our kids to attend there. The teachers are so amazing, caring, and fun to be with. The curriculum is incredible and the things my kids are learning blow my mind...I never knew as much math in Kindergarten as Naomi does! And she learned how to read in just months! Incredible. Anyway, on to the reason for the post.

I know that school held auctions are pretty popular and sometimes you run out of ideas for what to put in the auction as classroom items. Well, I'm just going to share two with you here because they are the two that I helped with. The kindergartners were so kind to let me come on two different occasions to take their pictures. The second time I came was because I messed up the first time on the letters...(I'll say it again...jack of all trades master of none). Anyway, we had them form letters with their bodies and then spelled two words to be framed "FAITH" and "LOVE". I also took each kids silhouette photo, made them colorful and had this 16x20 canvas printed at my favorite canvas place Canvas on Demand. The idea for the silhouettes came from Judith at Judith Fernstrom Photography, she also sent me detailed instructions on how she did the silhouettes and I'm sure she'd be willing to send them to you also!! This piece actually did really well at the auction and had two moms bidding against each other getting top dollar for the piece. I'm actually going to get a second one printed so both moms can have one and the school gets more money ;)

Here are some more photos from the auction!

 Here's a photo of the Mystery Theater cast with our amazing director. He not only directed the play but he wrote it! If you're looking for a good short mystery play for an auction or something similar maybe he'd be willing to sell his great play!!
 If you have an auction coming up and are looking for ideas pinterest is a great place to start. I have a board for auction ideas that you can check out and I know there are MANY more ideas that I didn't even pin.
There was no link for the source of the "FAITH" and "LOVE" photos but here's the pin for it. And no I wasn't paid by canvas on demand to tell you how awesome they are. They are just that awesome. GREAT customer service and GREAT products. Hope you have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to not having to go to play practice or plan for the auction...but it was a LOT of fun!!!

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  1. Love the items. We just had our school auction this last weekend. It went really well. Our Kindergarten teache does the block look too but each kid paints their own portrait. I love the idea of having the kids form letters. That is cool! I am going to suggest that for next year!'

    Thanks Jamie


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