Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I have been Pinning - Halloween

I have been a little Pin crazy.  If you follow my Pinterest page and boards, you already know this. LOL Today I wanted to share a couple shots from my "Halloween Board" Click HERE to go view the ideas closer up.

...What I have been Pinning...
Love all of these projects. I can't say that I will do them all, but they sure look fun! Thank you to everyone who pinned their ideas.

What are you pinning/making this Halloween. Please share in comments below. I'd love to hear.  And please include links in your comment, I want to see too! ;)
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  1. I have no pictures yet as DH isn't done making it, but there will be a handmade wooden broom accompanying our daughter's costume tomorrow. And my favorite handmade Halloween bit ever is a handmade wooden Harry Potter wand!


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