Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guest Post - Pumpkin on my Bumkin

Hi, I'm Tricia from Made By Me. Shared With You, a little sewing blog that I try to keep up.  I'm excited to be here sharing one of my favorite projects, the Lil' Pumpkin appliqued bodysuit.  Being a mother of two little ones, I like projects that are quick, simple, and easy on the budget.  This little appliqued bodysuit can be made up during a nap time, and will have your little bundle of joy ready for Fall.
I call it the "There's a pumpkin on my bumkin applique".  There are very few times in life when it's okay to have pictures or words plastered on your bottom, but the baby stage is one (if not the only) acceptable stage. Having boys, I don't get to indulge in ruffled bottom tights and bloomers, so an appliqued onesie will have to work.
It's a simple little applique that I designed.  I'll share the file with you so long as you respect that it is for personal use only.  The template is designed to fit a pre-washed Carter's 0-3 month onesie.  You can feel free to adjust it to different sizes.
My applique is done with some scrap knit fabric that I have had stashed away, heat and bond fusible adhesive,  some embroidery thread, and lightweight fusible interfacing.
Begin by applying the heat and bond to the wrong side of the fabric.  
Next transfer the image to the front side of the fabric using pattern marking/transfer paper. Cut out your pieces.
Adhere the applique pieces to the onesie.  I had the small pumpkin in the front, and the large pumpkin on the behind.  It should fit right in line with the seams and snaps on the onesie.
 I used my embroidery thread to do some hand stitching.  I feel that it adds some visual interest to the applique.  You could do some machine stitching around the images if you prefer.  If you are using a fabric that frays (knits generally won't) you will want to ensure that you either satin stitch (tight zig zag) around the image, or apply some sort of fray check or fray block to the raw edges.
Once I was done with the applique and hand stitching I used some fusible interfacing to secure the embroidery threads, and prevent the thread from irritating babies chest.
That's it.
A fun little applique for the season.

You can find the template here.  Once again, the template is for personal use only.

Thank you so much Tricia for sharing this adorable lil bumkin with us today! We loved having you.

Please make sure you stop by and thank Tricia for sharing this with you. You can find her HERE.


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