Monday, October 8, 2012

Been A Busy Bee

We have been busy little bee's lately! I wanted to share some of the things we have been working on.  I plan on also making some tutorials for a couple of these photos that I am sharing today.

First up is our tie dye fun! The volleyball team wanted some tie dye shirts, so we made some with them. We had some extra dye, so we made some more things with my kiddos at home.
I also made a cute outfit for my youngest daughters friends birthday! I added scraps to a skirt, a butterfly to the back of the shirt and I also made a headband and bracelet to match.
Here is another scrappy newborn dress I made for an Instagram Friend
My niece asked me to make her a headband.  Here it is. I loved it and I made one for the birthday gift outfit. I love them and plan on making a lot more!
My last share is some bracelets I made for my Grandad who is battling cancer right now. Please say a prayer for him as he continues his treatment.
And here is a pic on me wearing my 3 bracelets. Once for my husbands Godfather that we lost to cancer (you are always in our thoughts, we love and miss you) my Grandad's bracelet and the Heaven is For Real and You're Gonna Love It bracelet!
I played with some apps on my phone for the bracelet pics. I am in love with my apps. LOL
Happy Monday everyone! Be back soon!

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  1. awww love your tie dyes!! Thats on my list to make with my son, so cute!! Nice work :)


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