Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ham and Cheese Crescent Roll up

I'm back...did you miss me last weekend!? No? Well, that's okay. I thought yesterday I was going to have a baby...consistent contractions for about two hours, but they didn't get stronger, or closer together so alas, I am still pregnant! And that's okay. I still have things to cross of my "to-do before baby comes" list.

In the middle of crafting, making freezer meals, updating my kids birthday books and the such I've had some time to just rest...and think about food I want to eat. Strange huh? Well, I was craving something gooey, and cheesy so I thought I'd try something. I'm sure it's been done before and I'm not the first one to do this and there are SO many different ways you could make this ... this just happens to be what I made.

Here's my version of a ham and cheese crescent roll up!

I took a crescent roll tube, rolled it out and tried to seal the seams.

I spread some whipped cream cheese (it was easy to spread, otherwise use softened cream cheese) on top

Then added some lunchmeat...ham (but you could do turkey, ground cooked sausage, the options are all yours!)

Then I sprinkled the whole thing with shredded colby jack cheese...

Then I rolled the whole thing up and put it in the oven. I just followed the directions on the crescent roll package.

In about 12 minutes we had a delicious, gooey, cheesy lunch!!

My kids and I gobbled this up quick and if my husband would have been home for lunch I would have made two!

So, here's hoping this little girl decides to come soon! Maybe we should have a guessing game...with prizes? Anyone interested????

have a great weekend and first day of FALL!!!


  1. Oh my! This looks so absolutely delicious. I am definitely going to be trying this recipe :)

  2. I make something similar to this with chicken. I get raves when I make this believe it or not and it's so simple! Thanks for sharing. Linda


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