Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Framed Pin Cushion from Pine Creek Style

My mom is visiting us again today. She made me the cutest pin cushion.  I shared it on Instagram and a few people asked how to make it. My mom was happy to share it with us. Read below for her how to.... ;)

I have seen some cute things done with picture frames lately. And they have been on my "To Do" list for TOO long!
 Picture Frame Pin Cushion...Functional & Cute!
 *See the above items you'll need.
**I used the back cardboard from an old tablet to attach my padding. It was just the right thickness; sturdy but not to thick!
 Cut several thicknesses of quilt batting to use as the pin cushion. I cut two pieces larger than the rest. The larger batting is the backing for the cushion. The smaller pieces fit just inside the frame opening allowing thickness on the inside/open part of the frame. i used 8 smaller pieces for my thickness.
 I used burlap for my outer material and a thin piece of muslin for the backing. This way, none of the batting would come through the larger weave of the burlap fabric.
 Neatly fold the fabric around the batting closing in the cardboard backing. You may glue, tape or sew it in place if you wish.
Then I replaced the back to the frame. That simple, that fast.
I sent a cell phone photo to my daughter who replied; "I want one!"
So the one on the left is Tara's (from Trendy Treehouse) and the right is mine!
**Note my scissors....After years of having many scissors ruined by being used for the wrong items....I NOW mark my territory! 
Haha...I feel your laughter....IN agreement! :)
There's more...See what Tara DID to my gift!!!

I gave Tara her gift (pin cushion frame) this past weekend! She loved it! 
She also loves StringArt! 
Using straight pins, she created a pretty StringArt Style pattern on her pin cushion. 
Then she sent a "Thank You" photo to Me!
Very, Very Cute! Of course I had to share!

Would love to hear your comments!
Just Framing MY Style...
NeeCee Signature
Tara had fun with her photo apps! :)

Thanks again MOM for making this for me and helping ChaCha make one too!

Make sure you stop by my moms blog and say hi and thank her for this tute! You might want to also click that follow button too. She has some pretty cool posts over there!

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