Thursday, August 16, 2012

BubbleFrame App Review

If you have been on my Instagram page lately (@tarajo4), you would know how much I love BubbleFrame! Recently I was able to review their update before it came out {now available YAY} and I had so, so much fun! I think I post a pic I made in BubbleFrame at least once a day, if not more. LOL You might even have noticed the slideshows on the right over there. Yep, those are some that I made and some that a fellow Instagram{er} (@whippycake) made.
You won't look at other photo apps the same once you see what BubbleFrame can do. You will be addicted. I am using it for my kids pics, lovely word pics, button designing, photo challenges, birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, love notes and so much more.
There are over 90 colorful patterns to choose from as you create. You can even uses patterns from other apps if you save them into your photo album first. So there are many ways to uses this app to dress up, enjoy and share your photos.
....and now with their new update that adds curved text, you can get even more creative. There is even an option to add some of your own fonts in there. AMAZING!! I have already loaded a bunch and can't wait to load more.
Here are some more of my creations I made with BubbleFrame.
Some of these pics have other features from a few other apps I use.
Don't worry, I will list those apps below so you can check those out too.
More info about BubbleFrame...taken from iTunes


Are you ready for hours of innovative fun? Bubbleframe is a unique and creative way to showcase your favorite pictures using adjustable “bubbles” for your frames. Building as many or as little bubbles as you choose and then filling them with pictures, patterns or colors gives you endless possibilities. You’re in control of every aspect from beginning to end creating truly inspiring images to share with your friends and family.

- easy to use interface - pinch to create a bubble, then fill it with a photo, color, or pattern
- 96 high quality patterns to select from for backgrounds
- add circular text around frame borders 
- adjust border width and color
- add a border gradient
- adjust bubble drop shadow
- zoom and pan each photo
- save the image in high resolution to your camera roll
- send to Instagram
- tweet it
- send to Facebook
- send to other installed apps that accept an image file
- send as an email

...Other Apps and Info I promised to share with you...

If you want to add a fancy Instagram Slideshow to your blog, visit HERE
You can add your personal slideshow, example @tarajo4 
or you can add a hashtag, example #trendytreehouse.

Need Help adding your Instagram feed? Taking Time to Create has a great tutorial HERE.

Photo Apps that are amazing (featured in my photos above)...LabelBox, SigNote, Photo2Text, TypoInsta

Where I get more colorful patterns to use in BubbleFrame...the CupTakes App
Now go, go right now, go on, get over to iTunes and grab the BubbleFrame app. You'll be glad you did!

Please make sure you use the hashtag #bubbleframe when you share your photos so @treasuredbyholly and @devpitcher (the BubbleFrame creators) can see them. And of course so us other BubbleFrame lovers can admire them too!

One more BubbleFrame Pic I made before I go. As if I didn't share enough already.
But had to share this because it is a special one dear to our family. Please pray for my Grandad as he goes through his cancer journey. I made this as a button to link people to his story for my moms blog. You can read more HERE or click on the photo below. 
{Thank you so much to Dev and Holly for allowing me to review their fabulous app. Still on the top of my favorite app list!}

I am available for more app reviews anytime! Just email me at trendytreehouse@me.com to let me know how I can help.


  1. That app looks like A LOT of fun! Thanks again for mentioning my tutorial.


  2. I love BubbleFrame pics on instagram! I have a droid & unfortunately I haven't been able to find it in my app store - I don't think they offer ti to droid. Oh well, your pics look great :)

  3. This app is so completely cool! I love it and have no idea why I waited so long to get it LOL One question tho - how do you use other patterns for the app? I can use them inside the bubbles but not the square backgrounds. Do I have to load them in like I would my own fonts? Any help would be appreciated.

  4. While I'm not on instagram, I'm loving these "layouts" for scrapbooking. Thanks for the inspiration!


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