Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Photo A Day Challenge

For all of June I participated in an Instagram June Photo A Day Challenge. It was so fun, so I decided to continue in July. I made up a list in Photoshop and shared it on Instagram already. 

If you would like to join in the fun, check out my list below. 
Copy it, Save it, Share it, Have FUN!

UPDATE.... the Hashtag for this is #tthjulyphoto12
Please share your photos there. Thanks.
If you want to follow along what photos I am sharing on Instagram, my name on there is @tarajo4. I have it as a private user, but would love to have my fellow Crafty Friends on there. So just request to follow and I will accept. ;D

Hope you have fun with the list. 
I will be sharing all the photos next month when I post the list for July!


  1. Awesome!! I'm pretty new to Instagram, but am IN LOVE with it! I couldn't find out how to send you a request? I'm MAMAPATE. Will try again though. THANKS!!

    1. Ok Shannon. I hope you can figure it out. ;) have fun too. Instagram is fun!

  2. Hi! I absolutely love Instragram ;) On your Photo A Day challenge, are you using a specific hashtag for these? Also, when I search for your user name, Instagram says that you are not found :( You can find me at tammynjpg Maybe you could like one of my photos and then I could follow you from there?

  3. Oops - never mind - I found ya and sent you a request :)

  4. Hi Tara, Just sent you a request to follow you. I'm mommareiser on instagram. I'm looking forward to the challenge.


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