Thursday, July 5, 2012

Instagram June Photo a Day Share

A couple days ago I shared a July Photo A Day Challenge. You can find it HERE. Hashtag for the challenge is #tthjulyphoto12. I forgot to mention that in my last post, but have updated it!

Today I wanted to share my photos from last month and a list of places that you can print your Instagram Photos. I shared it on my Pinterest page. Not sure if you already saw it on there. ;)

Anyway...on to my June Photo A Day Photos.

                  1.Best Friends              2.Smile
3.Sun                  4.Drink
3.Animal               4.Siblings

    3.Sky              4.Fav Song

  9.Your View         10.Bathing Suit
11. Eyes               12.Vacation
 13.Water              14.6 o'clock
  15.Wink           16.Childhood
17.Hometown                18.Fun
19.Sunglasses          20.Relaxing
               21.Celebrity Crush         22.Quote
23.Peace               24.Dislike
      25.Mirror           26.FunniestPhoto
27.Outfit                  28.Trees
29.FavCollege        30.Self Portrait
What did you think of all my fun and crazy photos? I thought it was a lot of fun sharing a photo a day and when a little crazy sharing more in between. I also added an Instagram Board to my Pinterest PageLOL

While searching on Instagram, I found a great site that shared a list of 11 great places to print your Instagram Photos. I definitely Pinned it. You can see their list HERE

My favorite is Printstagram. It is very inexpensive and had some pretty cool products. I personally like the poster, tiny books and stickers.

Another cool site I found through a Instagram friend is Instacanvas. My gallery, soon to open if you vote for me, is http://instacanv.as/tarajo4
Please click on the photo below to go to the site. Then click on the yellow box that says "Request Gallery Opening".
Don't forget to check out that long list of where to print your Instagram photos. And always, thanks for reading my blog. I love all of your comments each week.

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  1. I've seen these sites and I love the tiny book. Also, I have had every intention of participating in the July challenge (even took some photos)but have failed to get them uploaded :( Maybe I can do a "catch up" day over the weekend ;)


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